Weekend offline & outdoor in Kraslava (Latvia)

canoë sur la Daugava

Stressed by everyday life, work, screens everywhere, the noises of the city … what’s better than a weekend offline and 100% outdoor ?

This is the experience I made for you during a great weekend at Kraslava (Latvia) in the Blue Lakes region.

On the program: a trip on the river by canoe kayak, grills and camping under the stars in a wild forest!

How to get to Kraslava?

First, from Riga, there are only two ways to get to Kraslava: take the train or bus to Daugavpils (second city of Latvia). The price is reasonable ~ 9 Euros and the journey lasts 4 hours 30 and then, once in Daugavpils, take a bus to Kraslava (the journey lasts 20 minutes and costs 2/3 euros).

Photos of the railway station of Riga and then the journey in Riga and Daugavpils:

A unique and lush nature

My weekend took place in a natural park in the bottom of Latvia in the meanders of the Daugava (the only river in Latvia) between Kraslava and Daugavpils.

The site is classified and very well known! I highly recommend you to visit it if you are in the area (preferable in summer).

Descend the river to the rhythm of the water and observe the nature

The walk begins in the small town of Kraslava (Latvia’s most beautiful city according to the Latvians) and the “descent” of the river is done in the Kraslava / Daugavpils direction in order to not row against the current! so you can contemplate nature:

On the water: contemplate nature

Stops: watch out for ticks!

Stopping on the banks of the Daugava is possible to visit the various points of interest but watch out for ticks that abound in this kind of wetland:

Bathing in the Daugava

The Daugava River is a very clean river that comes from somewhere in Russia and then crosses Belarus. So even in summer, the water is very cold !! So you really have to be brave to bathe!

Grill and camping under the stars

After the effort, the comfort as they say in France. We camped under the stars on a bank of the Daugava and it was wonderful!

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