Travel to Cordon the balcony of the Mont Blanc

Cordon, village typique de Haute-Savoie, un clocher, une église , des maisons et un champs autour sous la neige

You know, I like to share with you my favorite places with you on this travel blog and today, I will tell you about a travel I made this winter in Cordon, a typical village of Haute-Savoie in France also called  “The balcony of Mont Blanc” because of its panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

Cordon: the balcony of Mont Blanc

Cordon is a village of Haute-Savoie in the French Alps, located between 580 and 2520 meters above sea level just above Sallanches (city located in the valley and you can see it on photos). The village of Cordon is also located near Combloux and Megève. Nearly 1000 people live there.

I decided to do some photos because I had a great time there between hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing !

Surprise when I arrived in Cordon

Coming from Sallanches, just before entering the village of Cordon, I had the opportunity to see this view on the Mont Blanc at the corner of a bend and I told to myself wow! I absolutely have to take this shot !

Cordon: a steep village

Since very young, I practice a lot of sports all bounds with water: sea, lake, underwater fishing, sailing and especially a lot, a lot of swimming ! Water is in my blood and I particularly love the effects of depth. Strangely, in these mountains this feelings came back to me ! Cordon is indeed between 580 and 2520 meters hight and the view is just great ! 

Skiing facing the Mont Blanc it’s giant !

Cordon is a small ski resort, a family resort and it’s very good like that. I was able to ski quietly without too many people and for less. In Combloux and Megeve, ski areas are much bigger but there are more people and it’s more expensive. Count 18 euros for the half day in Cordon.

My favorite thing about Cordon is the view of Mont-Blanc and the valley as you can see in the photos. It’s great to have the Mont-Blanc in background when you are skiing !

Hiking in the snow: breathtaking view of the entire Mont-Blanc valley

If like me, you appreciate calm, silence and nature I recommend you to go hiking in the snow. However, be careful not to climb too high days of intense fog because you might not find your way back  !

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  1. Those photos definitely make me want to visit there!! The way of capturing the views are stunning.

  2. Your photos look amazing. I would love to go here after reading your post. Thanks for some great tips on where to go

  3. Incredible photos! They inspire me to quickly rent a car and come here on vacation

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