The stunning subway stations of Stockholm

métro stockholm ligne bleue

Taking the Stockholm metro is more than just a travel underground from point A to B, this is a travel into a huge art gallery for the simple price of a subway ticket!  90 out of 110 stations are decorated with art works from the 1950s to the present day. In the Stockholm Metro you will have the opportunity to admire paintings, sculptures, engravings, mosaics of 150 artists over a distance of 110 km!

Stockholm Metro: an underground art gallery !

I visited Stockholm last summer and there is a lot to show and tell about this city on this travel blog but I decided to start with the Stockholm metro because first of all it’s the first thing I saw when I arrived in the city (and I said WOW!) and also because the Stockholm metro sums up very well the state of mind of the city: aesthetics and art. If you want to see my other articles about Sweden it’s by here.


Practical information for traveling in the Stockholm metro

The site to read information about the Stockholm metro network is here

A subway ticket taken directly from an automatic ticketing machine in the station costs more than with a subscription card (43 SEK – Swedish Crowns or about 4.5 Euros). For me who is used to the Parisian Subway (which is already expensive lol) it’s very expensive but it’s worth the price because the ticket gives access to the entire network for 75 minutes and this metro network is an underground art gallery  isn’t it ? During this period of time, you will have the right to move in the entire  transport network: metro, trains, bus, tram and boats!

Where to start a tour of the Stockholm metro?

If you are like me you don’t have plenty of time to visit Stockholm, I advise you to start your visit at Stockholm Central Station: T-Centralen.

Then, I recommend you to visit the lines “blue” (blå) and “red” (röda) of the subway in priority because they are the ones that have the most things to see!

The most beautiful subway stations in Stockholm: the blue line


T-Centralen is Stockholm central station and so there are many stations that intersect here. Feel free to make detours in the subway stations that interest you because there are decorations on all sides !

Kungsträdgarden (the king’s garden)

Kungsträdgarden means in Swedish: the garden of the king because it is located in the heart of Stockholm just below the park that bears the same name. It is decorated according to the theme of archeology. You will find checkerboard pattern decorations, archaeological remains from the National Art Museum.

Solna: the ecological

The theme of Solna subway station is nature. The artists of this station decided in the 70s to paint a forest of one kilometer long on the walls of the station and a red ceiling.

Rådhuset: City Hall subway station

Rådhuset subway station gives you the impression of being in a tunnel under construction or in a cave under the mountain !

Other photos of Stockholm subway stations 

And you ? Have you visited the Stockholm metro ? If so, do not hesitate to leave a comment to say what is your favorite station! Myself, I did not have time to visit everything!

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