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Patarei prison is the former prison of Tallinn closed on request of the European Union  in 2004. Used as a festival place by the youth of Tallinn it remains an open-air museum of Nazi and Soviet occupation. It is still possible to visit it.


How to get to Patarei Prison ?

The Patarei Prison is located 10 minutes walk from the old town close to the Aviation Museum and along the sea.

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Security: what you need to know before visiting Patarei

Patarei prison is officially closed but remains opened to the four winds and access is free. The visit of Patarei prison is not framed and I advise you to go there accompanied, with a group or a guide (attention to the doors that slam … tourists are regularly locked …!) Regularly, The youth hostels of Tallinn offer tours. Enjoy it!

Also, I do not recommend you to explore the prison of Patarei with children or badly shod (presence of pieces of metal on the ground).


Brief  history of Patarei Prison

Patarei prison is a fortress built by the Tzar in 1840. This building had a history that smells sulfur: in 1919 it becomes a prison.

Visit Patarei Prison

Patarei corridors and cells

The prison cells of Patarei are in the state, like if the prison had been closed yesterday! It is really impressive to visit the cells and see the inscriptions on the walls left as they are and the furniture that has not changed!



The inner courtyard of Patarei

The inner courtyard was used for the prisoners’ walks, note the presence of individual cells:


The hanging room of Patarei

The visit ends with the most lugubrious place of Patarei: the hanging room. The atmosphere is heavy, oppressive and sinister and for a good reason!


 Extra: view of the sea and the bar of Patarei !!


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