Panormo: a fishing village in Crete

a fishing boat in the port of Panormo, Crete, Greece

Crete is the fifth island in the Mediterranean see, belongs to Greece and is also called: “the Island of the Gods”. Landscapes of Crete are breathtaking, its climate, its gastronomy and its cultural heritage are also great. I had a great chance to spend a week in a small fishing village : Panormo, halfway between Heraklion (biggest city of Crete) and Rethymno.

Panormo: a fishing village in Crete

My hotel in Panormo

A few words about my hotel in Panormo: I rarely do photos of hotels or places of residence but this one was just awesome: typical of Crete and the staff was very friendly!

Cats everywhere !

 In Crete, cats are everywhere and there are plenty of them in the streets asking for food, attention or simply sleeping !

Wonderful Cretan Food !

Cretan food is well known around the world and here are some of the typical dishes: the delicious Cretan salad with croutons and seaweed, grilled shrimp, moussaka and the inevitable raki ! Almost all products are made localy (olive oil, cheese, vegetables and seafood).

A very generous nature

Crete is like Florida (same weather) for this is the southernmost territory of Europe and nature is extremely generous ! All sorts of plants grow there, winters are mild and the sun shines (almost) permanently !

A walk in the Cretan countryside

The village of Panormo is very small and therefore this is very easy to take a walk to the Cretan countryside: there are many fields of olive trees, scrubland and sometimes some sheeps. After a walk of only two hours, I could see the generosity of nature: everywhere orange trees, lemon trees, fig trees and olive trees. I had only to reach out to serve me !

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  1. You made very beautiful and bright photos.
    It is a pity that not all places in Greece are so beautiful.
    What camera and lens did you use?

    Good luck
    Adam Colins

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