Travel to Gränna a typical swedish village

house in gränna a typical swedish village

Gränna is for me a huge crush and it is with pleasure that I share this discovery with you, on this travel blog!  I had the chance to discover this village located in Sweden in 2011 (thanks to friends) when I was in the area and since then I came back several times.

Gränna what is it? This is a beautiful typical swedish village of 2500 inhabitants with its beautiful painted wooden houses, paved streets and a wonderful view of Lake Vättern.

Gränna is also well known in Sweden for its Polkagris, a peppermint barley sugar, which is produced locally. 

Here are the best pictures of my travel in Gränna (I spent there only on day).


Visit Gränna: Useful information

Coming to Gränna

Gränna is located 40 km from Jönköping, the largest city in the region of Småland (“small country” in Swedish). I will have the opportunity to talk about it later on this travel blog because I lived, worked and obviously I have a lot to tell !

The best way to go to Gränna  from Jönköping is to take the bus or a car (there are no trains). Buses 27 and 101 depart from Jönköping main station every hour for an affordable price (3-4 euros per journey). The journey lasts 1 hour and will give you an insight into the campaign in Swedish:


Best time to visit Gränna

During my holiday week in Sweden (I came in July) I was lucky enough to have a beautiful and warm weather but in Sweden the good weather doesn’t last long! The summer weather changes quickly, as the Swedes can often say. In general, the best time to visit Gränna – and the rest of Sweden – is in summer (July) for its sunshine and mild temperatures.

It is also important to know that Gränna is a small village between a cliff and Lake Vattern and is facing the West. The village therefore receives little light in winter.

The wooden houses of Gränna

In Gränna, as everywhere else in Sweden, the houses are made of wood and coloured in all colours! It helps to bear the gray in winter and it’s beautiful! I love it!

Gränna’s specialty: Polkagris

Polkagris is a Gränna specialty. It’s a peppermint striped barley sugar candy made on site. You will discover many shops selling them. Enter the shops it is a delight for both  eyes and taste  buds! In some shops, you can see the Polkagris being made! This is  great!


Gränna:  gateway to Visingsö 

Visingsö is the island just in front of Gränna in the Lake Vättern. Visingsö island can only be accessed by boat. That’s why there are small yellow ferries that make the crossing several times a day. The trip costs only 7 Euros, it’s not too expensive to visit a little bit of paradise, isn’t it? Visingsö was therefore an essential part of my trip to Sweden and I will have the opportunity to talk  about it later on this travel blog!

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