The Cathedral of Varna

The Cathedral of Varna is one of the most beautiful and attractive architectural buildings in the city, much appreciated and visited by tourists.
It is awesome  from both inside and outside.  As I visited this cathedral for you, I was mesmerized by the atmosphere that reigns inside, especially its breathtaking stained glass windows.

Historical glimpse of the Cathedral of Varna 

The construction of the Cathedral of Varna was started in 1879 (only one year after the liberation of Bulgarian from Ottoman domination). This Cathedral of Varna is devoted to Saint Mary. The construction of this cathedral was not like the other traditional cathedrals and that’s what makes it more attractive for people round the globe.

Adding more to your excitement

Not only the Cathedral but also the local markets and buildings nearby will surely catch your attention. These bright and colourful markets and buildings make this place more lively and beautiful.
Therefore I recommend you to take a glimpse of these surroundings aswell. For your convenience, the tourist office is located infront of the cathedral itself.

My heartwarming thing in the Cathedral

During my visit to the cathedral, what attracted me the most were its stained glass windows. On these windows Biblical characters are represented in typical Bulgarian style (straight and wide glass pieces painted with bright colours).

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